Spaceship Earth...Breaking News!

The video for Spaceship Earth is finished: Check it out below - you'll notice Dave & Richard have procured the appearance of the inter-galactic robot film star zn102. We're not sure if it's a 'he or a 'she' but zee is mentioned in the lyric of 'Escape from the Citadel' (which is sub-titled: 'The Ballad of zn102'). Also in the video cast is Birmingham legend Steve Gibbons playing a record executive and Andrew Norton as the record shop salesman.

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In August 2011, Dave Scott-Morgan and Richard Tandy were re-united to launch Earthrise Special Edition.

A series of interviews was recorded, both on video and audio. The boys were also busy signing CD covers for the lucky few. In the evening, Steve Gibbons came over and a fantastic session ensued round at Dave's house. It was all filmed and will be the subject of a forthcoming documentary.

The next day, Scott-Morgan and Tandy, together with the film unit, met up at an airfield "somewhere in Warwickshire" and worked on a music video for the album. The sun shone and every one baked, but we got the video.

Below are some pictures from the day.

(see the 'Zero Zero' vid on the ionosphere page)

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